Why Your Podcast Isn’t Profitable

The problem started when I realized A LOT of people were stopping their podcast simply because it they weren’t making any money from it.

If you choose podcasting as your form of content marketing for your business it simply has to have a positive ROI (or there is no point in continuing.)

And what I discovered while talking with these people there are some very important (and overlooked) metrics you MUST focus on improving…

And it’s not downloads…

If you want to have a profitable podcast you have to focus on ENGAGEMENT

The first test I ran to figure out how to do this – was a complete stab in the dark.

I honestly hadn’t talked or heard to anyone who had tested this.

The question was…

How do you turn a listener into an email subscriber?

So I sat down at the drawing board and came up with a plan.

Went out and tested it for a month.

Came back to the drawing board and checked to see what happened.

Now let me preface this by saying… I know the typical conversion rate is around 2% (listener to email subscriber ratio)

Here’s the funny part. When I went to talk with other podcasters and friends was that no one had any data on this. Honestly most people didn’t even know or care about this data.

So what happened in this first test?

A conversion rate of 7.6%.  And this is as pure as possible because I purposely didn’t promote it anywhere else but on the podcast.

I was shocked to see a conversion rate of 7.6% podcast listener to email subscriber.

This matters because everyone of those email subscribers went into my sales funnel which converts a percentage of those into sales.

So suddenly I had an actionable plan to make my podcast profitable.

Click on the box below and let me walk you through how…

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