Get your podcast listeners to take action

(and create a better show while you’re at it)

You’ve started a podcast.
You’ve built up an audience.

But now what?

You haven’t seen the positive ROI for your business you’ve been looking for.

– You have products and services to sell.
– You’re trying to establish your audience and position yourself as an authority
– And build amazing connections in your industry.

So what’s the first step that needs to happen to accomplish these things?

You need to get listeners to engage with you by joining an email list, asking you a question, joining your community and ultimately purchasing your products or services.

Learn how to build your
email list from your podcast

What do you do after you’ve launched your podcast. Grown it a little bit and haven’t seen the results you’re looking for? (we’re talking about customers and email subscribers)

That’s what I want to teach you.

Not only do I run my own podcast. (not in the “how to podcast” niche)
But I also run a podcast production company and consultancy. We’ve worked with podcasts or all sizes, businesses with different goals and industries ranging from software to education products

And over the past year we’ve run a ton of tests and really learned how to get people engaged. (and make a better show)

I want to share with you what we’ve learned from producing 400+ podcast episodes

Honestly it’s the conversations I have with podcasters over and over again. I finally decided I need to record this and get it out to as many people as possible, so more people can create a podcast that makes BUSINESS SENSE.

Because it’s a real problem.

Podcasters launching getting some traction and then not knowing how to really create positive ROI from their podcast. And really accomplish their goals.

So here’s what you’ll get out of this training:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The formula to drive listener engagement.
  • Examples of how this looks in real life.
  • The data and measurements behind the strategies and tactics.
  • The big picture strategy.
  • And the nitty gritty of the exact tactics.

Here’s not what you’ll get

  • How to tweak your compressor for the 56th time
  • That you need the most expensive microphone possible to record your podcast.
  • How to spam people with promotion
  • Tactics on how to make $8 a show from sponsors

This is an honest conversation about your business and your podcast and how to make it all profitable.

>> Let’s have it.

podcast for conversion

Here’s what you’ll get access to

podcast for conversion

A video workshop where I’ll walk you through the big picture strategy as well as the specific tactics you can implement into your podcast this week.

Specific examples so you’re very clear on how this can look for any style of show

Swipe files and pdf resources

*BONUS A community for you to get your questions answered by other podcasters and Cordie Walker.


cordieprofileI’m really looking forward to walking you through this.

I know it’s going to fundamentally change the way you look at your podcast and how you can create massive amounts of value for your audience and your business.



PS – You’re Fully Covered By a Money-Back Guarantee!

badgeI totally believe in this principles that I’m going to cover.  And know that they’ll improve your podcast and help you create more email subscribers for your business.

I’ll give you full 60-days to put everything I’ve said today to test in your business

At the end of the 60-day guarantee period…

… email me proof that you’ve gone through the training, implementing some of the tactics talked about and sent listeners to it…

And if you still AREN’T satisfied with the program…

… I’ll personally work with you to get a 4-6% conversion rate.

Completely for free I’ll work with you to make sure you get the results you came into the program looking for.


Who am I ?

I run the podcast production agency Just Hit Publish.  We work with all kinds of businesses helping them produce great podcasts that work effectively well at generating leads and email subscribers for their business.

On top of that I run my own education based business in the golf instruction business where I test and work on new strategies that we implement with clients and then ultimately educate you on!

I’m committed to helping your business discover how podcasting can be an AMAZING tool for content marketing and driving sales for your business.